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Insights and Feedback

Let’s face it. Opinions matter. Collectively, they create an image of your business – positive or negative. These opinions guide consumer reactions and influence behaviour. So is it worth finding out what your customer is thinking? Time. Nobody has it. And your customers definitely don’t. Which is why the era of lengthy surveys, detailed methodologies and time consuming reports are about as welcome as a taxi in the yellow lane.

We believe in now – instant real-time feedback and in-the-moment conversations and surveys.

Using UPINION, an innovative mobile phone application, that offers cutting edge mobile technology, you get unlimited direct access to a group of people or a community any time of the day, anywhere. The foundation is a strong platform that allows you to gather feedback, do research, gain insights and the ability to apply the data in other service delivery areas within your business. 

DLT Media are a founding partner of Opinion Solutions a "mobile first digital research agency" and exclusive partner in Africa for Upinion, who are working with some of the biggest publishers in South Africa along with other major clients in the media sector. Their ability to connect with the people who determine the success of your brand, puts the power in your hands. Armed with expertise and insight we’ve created innovative tools to talk, in real-time, to the most important people in your business – your customers.


Upinion can be used by publishers to help gauge themes that appeal to consumers; to assess branding and covers, to evaluate marketing actions, test advertising effectiveness, understand time spent in media and conduct poll testing during brainstorming sessions as well many other functions. Upinion can help you reach your audience at exactly the right moment and with feed-back received in real-time the data is more immediate and can link opinion more strongly to behaviour.

 Upinion chart showing dynamic questioning and real-time results.

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