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Marketing & Distribution Services

DLT's Marketing Services is a cost effective way to reach a large audience by including your literature (magazine / brochure / guide or other marketing collateral) into our distribution to thousands of readers through our network of waiting rooms and reception areas around South Africa.

Bespoke distribution to regions:

We offer targeted distribution to reflect the readership and profile of your magazine. If you only want to reach an audience in certain regions we can also distribute your magazine into our network to selected cities within South Africa.

- Target different business sectors or geographical regions
- Long term commitment from our customers, no unsolicited deliveries
- Our distribution is audited by ABC
- Cost effective media placement
- Premium business venues throughout South Africa

Networks include:

Hair Salons
Healthcare providers
Car Dealerships
Gyms &  Spas

and many others....

Back Issue Distribution:

We can execute an alternative back-issue distribution solution for publishers where they can can count their back-issues towards their ABC but also us the copies to promote further sales without risking cannibalisation of sales of new copies. The publisher will also have access to comprehensive market analytics that can be used to support advertisers.

  • Utilise our network of premium businesses we supply to distribute back issues to their clients as a promotional gift.
  • Publisher can target businesses by demographic profile, including client sector, location, brand name and whether they are an existing subscriber of that publisher's magazines.
  • Create branded dispensers, perhaps even co-branded with the businesses to ensure hi-visibility and neatly merchandised copy.

  • Working together with Opinion Solutions (Pty) Ltd, our research division and sole agents for Upinion software we will be able to provide deep analytics and demographics back to publishers on who are taking their copies by working closely with the businesses we supply.
  • Opportunities for publishers to create re-distribution networks exclusive to them.



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